The Heart of Feminine Leadership


The Anahata leadership retreat was one of the best leadership retreats I have ever attended. Lynn’s CHRO experience shows in the design, flow and choice of faculty. The Passion Profile provides insights I wish I had had much earlier in my career and provides valuable insights for anyone leading teams. An added benefit of the retreat is a new network of amazing women. I strongly recommend this retreat for any woman as an investment in herself and the teams she leads.

-Joanne Bauer

Retired President, Health Care, Kimberly Clark Corp

To say the Heart of Feminine Leadership retreat was life changing would be an understatement!  Lynn and her colleagues led us through a journey of self-exploration and learning by incorporating daily meditations, focused journaling, energy work and the Passion Profiler.  These invaluable tools and learning have re-energized my heart and soul and have given me a renewed focus to begin the next chapter of my career.   I came away with a deep and intimate understanding of my unique passions and personality and leadership traits and the value they bring to an organization.   Lifelong friendships and bonds were formed almost instantaneously amongst all the amazingly talented and diverse women in attendance.  I eagerly await the follow on retreat!

-Amy Honey

former executive, The Container Store

I am forever grateful for your invitation to join the Anahata Leadership retreat. These last four days have given me the space to listen to my heart, my passions and get absolutely clear on how I can make a difference in the lives of my family, community and in my professional life at Accenture. The amazing network of women that attended with me will be life long friends. I look forward to part II!

-Tracey Patterson

Head of Talent Acquisition/ NA, UKI, Nordics HR Service Delivery Lead, Accenture

I highly recommend the Heart of Feminine Leadership to any woman seeking to advance their career/world through their authenticity. This leadership retreat gives the tools to embrace your power in any situation.

-Gina Wallar

Vice President of Pharma Services, Neo Genomics Clinical Laboratories

The Anahata Leadership retreat was transformative. To say I loved it is an understatement. Lynn, Alaina and Lisa put so much heart, love and soul into every part of this, and we all grew as women from this experience. I am forever grateful for the gifts I received from this retreat and from these women.

-Sue Hess

The Anahata leadership program was unlike any leadership program I have ever attended. It helped me to learn and explore areas of leadership, and parts of myself, that were truly enlightening. I won’t be the same. I leave with a bigger heart, lighter step and great inspiration to continue my leadership journey. Thank you!

-Laura Mably

Vice President of Talent Development, AstraZeneca PLC

I arrived in full armor. I am leaving free of this armor – reconnected to my heart. Thank you for giving me my heart back.

-Amy Flickinger

Entrepeneur and Owner of Surfaces, Inc.

The most enlightening life experience. The impact of this entire retreat was and will continue to be life changing! To my continued journey ahead, thank you Anahata Leadership!

-Lisa Richards

executive, The Timbers Resorts

After the incredible shift in energy I achieved this week, there is nowhere to go but forward in this journey.

-Geri Altieri

A powerful and transformative experience of deep reflection, sharing and surrender.

-Toni Booker

The retreat surpassed my expectations! It covered inspirational and spiritual learning and gave practical steps to understanding all of the data and new learning. I look forward to future events!

-Mary Foss-Skifestivik

The Anahata Leadership Retreat was my first retreat experience and it was amazing to say the least. I went into it without expectations, and came out of it with the most serenity in my mind that I have ever experienced.  The facilitators were exceptional, knowledgeable and caring.  They created a trusting atmosphere within the group and forever friendships were made.  What I learned has changed me both personally and professional and I look forward to continuing on the journey that this group has started.

-Jennifer Balliet

Chief Culture Officer, Neo Genomics Clinical Laboratories